School Fees

S.1 – S.6 New Students 930,000/= 600,000/=
Development Fee 50,000/= 50,000/=
Laboratory fees (S.1-S.4)@Term 20,000/= 20,000/=
Computer Fee@ Term 30,000/= 30,000/=
Admission fee (Non Candidates) 85,000/= 85,000/=
Admission fee (Candidates) 130,000/= 130,000/=
Identity card 15,000/= 15,000/=
School wear ‘O’ level 235,000/= 235,000/=
School wear ‘A’ level  250,000/= 250,000/=
Library Fee 20,000/= 20,000/=
Medical fees @Term 20,000/= 10,000/=
Laboratory fees (S.5 and S.6 science) 60,000/= 60,000/=


Note: The school fees must be paid in full to the school account in Centenary Bank, or United Bank for Africa, before you come to school. Please pick the Bank slip from the school Bursar.

Other school requirements include;

  1. A text book as a contribution to the school library as specified by the admission office
  2. Mattress 2 ½ ft width, beddings, a mosquito net and a pillow.
  3. For both girls and boys – Sports shoes, shavers, toilet paper, towel, basin, jerry can, open shoes, slippers, pocket money, torch, flask, mathematical set, ruler, pens, pencils, tooth paste, and soap and 18 counter books.
  4. For girls only; black long Caribbean skirts, brasseries, long white stockings, bucket, night dress, under panties, half-slips.
  5. For boys only; Vests, under wears, black trousers.
  6. Counter books for all the students (manuscript)
  7. A pair of black shoes for uniform
  8. A ream of photocopying  papers for O’ level (Dolphin) and ruled papers for A’ level(picfare)
  9. 10 rolls of toilet paper (5 for the school and 5 for the student)
  10. 1 compound broom and 1 brush or squeezer, 1kg of omo (Boys)
  11. ½ litre of jik (Girls)
  12. Uniform labelling 15,000/= payable in the bursar’s office
  13. Hair cutting fee of 8,000/= for boarders (boys & optional to girls)

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