Coding and Artificial Intelligence Training Program


We would like to announce that Emma High School has embraced the idea of offering computer programming or coding. With coding, learners can learn how to design and develop websites, mobile apps, database systems (learn how to manage data for a business), and many more.

This will impart valuable skills to learners so that they are able to make money by designing websites for companies, manage e-learning systems, join IT companies, and do online freelancing (make money online by providing services to individuals or companies).

Due to the new curriculum, the school has decided to take the advantage of the free time (given to students to do their projects) to make the students more productive in their time. This program will not distort other academic studies or deviate students from continuing their education.

Feasibility study
Computer programming or coding is now something that primary and secondary school students learn and practice in developed countries in Europe. Offering coding to high school students in Uganda will produce a balance in digital divide.

Due to a study our school conducted during the first term of January 20, 2022, it was observed that senior one and two students were able to learn how to develop a simple website within 24 days. The website featured a personal portfolio which includes a person’s background skills, work experience, projects accomplished, and other personal details.

The students have been receiving their lessons only two days in a week, one session of 2 hours each day. We have discovered that students are now able to think about creating projects (with the skills gained). This allows the students to engage in developing tangible intellectual assets and become project oriented.

Support and contribution

For the sake of continuing and supporting this program, the school and parents/guardians will work together to build a solid foundation of software developers in Uganda, which will lead to job creation. The school will provide all necessary means for learning coding.

Emma High School students of coding program at Don Bosco Bombo - Namaliga

Project initiators

Coding and artificial intelligence program is a pilot project initiated at Salesions of Don Bosco Bombo and implemented at both DON Bosco Bombo VTC and Emma High School. The project is initially implemented to target high school and vocational learners. Due to the rapid evolvement of our world, our young generation needs to catch up with technology to create the technology of tomorrow. Nurturing a young generation is like irrigating a fruitful tree that will produce the tomorrow's fruits. With this rationale, Coding and AI program was implemented on January 20, 2022, and continues to prosper with a high interest from a number of students at both institutions.

Our main focus is to train learners to develop technology rather than focusing on training them to use technology. Therefore, our training packages put much consideration on imparting skills like: web development, mobile apps development, database designing and programming, elementary computer programming and robotics.