Writers club


The writers club was revived at Emma High School in 2017. The club was Started with the aim of helping all students to get better at speaking and writing the English language. The club was also made to nature students into great leaders. The club has been in place ever since 2017 and till date active. The leaders of this club have been nurtured to wonders where they can build standards for themselves.


School Magazine

 The writers club has been assigned to handle the making of the school magazine since 2017. So far so good. We have produced about 4 editions of the magazine. we had years where we did not produce any magazine due to the pandemic which left us home for two years respectively 2020 & 2021

Club Weekly Articles 

The writers club comes together every weekend to write encouraging and motivational articles for students to read through the following week. This has helped many writers gain the confidence to portray their work and give back to the community.